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Non-teaching team


Director & Co-Founder

In love with life and good people. My role in the school is to manage all the administrative and financial aspects, as well as the families. I would define myself as a positive person who enjoys life by laughing and taking care of everyone around me.


Head of Studies and Co-Founder

My name is Xavi, I am co-founder and Head of Studies of Arimunani. I consider myself a patient and serene person. The creation of Arimunani and its development year after year has taught me a lot, and allows me to continue growing as a person, teacher and companion. Here I develop and feel happy, knowing that I am where I have and want to be, favouring a change in the educational paradigm from which I, my family and all those who make up the great Arimunani family feed every day.


Psychopedagogical Coordinator

With a holistic worldview, I have been dedicated to educational advisory in innovation in different parts of the world for over 20 years. I hold degrees in Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Montessori, Waldorf, active learning, humanistic psychotherapeutic approaches, among others. I am devoted to my two passions: the clinical and the educational fields. My role at Arimunani is to support the educational team, families, and children, and to create functional structures adapted to the project, allowing it to flow from love and respect with the perspective of active pedagogies.


brand manager

I am a quiet and calm person. Sport and being in contact with nature help me to find my balance. I believe that a better world can be achieved by focusing on education, helping young people to love themselves as they are, to discover in freedom what they love to do, and to share their talents with everyone else.


Secretary & Communication

I'm Esther and I'm a journalist. In the journalism workshop I enjoy sharing with the children what I have learned these years on TV. In addition, I help in the communication and administration of the school, and the children and families in everything I can.

I am happy and positive. I like eating, sneezing and walking barefoot. Also, literature, music and simple people who go ahead.
I have two great children and a very tall man (and also great). I am wholesome, I collect friends from all human caste, I have overcome breast cancer and today I value the good things even more. I'm sure that being by your side will be one of them.
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My name is Dan El Emir Martinez. I was born in Peru. I am a true epicurean. I am passionate about traveling, cooking (especially traditional cuisine), and the culture and history of each country. I also love sharing my experiences, knowledge, and life stories, especially with children, as they are very receptive. I love languages because they bring cultures together, so I practice them whenever I can.


Psychologist and organisational consultant

It all started when I confessed that lie to my teacher. Her hug and her question remained engraved in me forever, "Why do you think you needed to lie to me?" I was seven years old. Since then, I have been trying to understand the reasons that make me think, feel, and act in a certain way, and to see their consequences in my life and my environment. Searching for the truth about myself is my driving force, and it is through the loving
gaze that balance is always restored, leading me to live in coherence with myself and what surrounds me. For the past twenty-three years, I have accompanied other people in their own search through individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy. For the past fifteen years, I have been training therapists and supervising other professionals. When I visited Arimunani to see if it could be a good option for my children's education, I felt like I could hear the heartbeat of the project.
"I want to be a part of it," I told Juanma without thinking on that same day. For the past four years, I have been accompanying the personal growth of the entire team of professionals. I believe that this educational project is the one that dedicates the most dedication and resources to the psychological well-being of those who have the enormous responsibility of educating our children. And I am proud to be a part of it.
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bar & computer

I am Miguel Mas. I studied Computer Engineering and worked in this field for over 11 years, mainly in desktop and office settings. I realized that I wasn't happy with what I was doing, so I embarked on the exciting world of entrepreneurship and startups by opening a vegan fast food company.
After 5 intense years of learning and hard work, I am delighted to be here at Arimunani, the perfect place to develop as a person and, above all, to understand and live the same values. At Arimunani, I started as the manager of the Bar. It is a very enriching task due to the direct interaction with parents, and especially with the students. I am very satisfied to have been able to add a beautiful connection point between the school and families.
This year, I will contribute to the project by teaching the "Digital Resources" workshop in Secondary, rediscovering my passion for computer science from a new perspective. I am motivated by the opportunity to contribute my bit to the human, emotional, and academic development of these wonderful individuals, our students.
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My name is Jaume, and I have been one of the chefs at Arimunani for 4 school years now. I turned my hobby into my profession, with the intention of sharing this passion with people close to me through their taste buds and the appreciation of our Mediterranean cuisine.


Maintenance manager

I'm Marcos. I am in charge of the maintenance of the school among many other things. This year I'm going to teach DIY workshops with the children and I'm excited about this new stage. I consider myself cheerful and music accompanies me everywhere.
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