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Our school

“If there is no emotion, there is no learning”. Life cannot be reduced to learning knowledge. It is much more. Arimunani is a Mallorcan school that does not close itself to a single pedagogy and creates a unique method to accompany children in their complete development.
At this school, we believe that a personalised education, in accordance with the learning pace of each pupil and which fosters self-esteem and respect, is possible. For this reason, from a natural environment and in a family atmosphere, we integrate skills such as confidence, security, emotional management, autonomy, creativity… into the academic content. The team of teachers is in continuous evolution and revision. They are constantly being trained according to the needs and challenges that the children present. In each classroom there are two teachers, one English and one Spanish or Catalan speaking. Both interact constantly with the children, asking them questions, offering materials and guiding their development, both in one language and in the other. Thus we arrive at a trilingualism that the child adopts as everyday and normal. Arimunani is a school that offers a humane and non-invasive education, which encourages the identification and promotion of each child’s talents. So that they know themselves, know how to choose their own path, and can grow into healthy and happy adults.
The project for the new Arimunani building is ambitious, but also humble. Ambitious because it will be a pioneering construction that will mark a before and after in the approach to the schools of the future. It will be an energy self-sufficient project, made with natural materials, that does not generate waste that cannot be recycled, and that takes advantage of seasonal cycles to generate pleasant temperatures in the building, courtyards and outdoor areas throughout the year. Humble because one of its foundations, its central rings, is a deep respect for nature, the planet and its rhythms. It is important that the construction adapts to the environment, and not the other way around. It is a project that grows with the will to be good, clean and fair.
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