Father Christmas came to school and so did the Page from the 3 Kings, we all had a wonderful time with our families over the holidays, but now it’s time to get busy with our second term in Arimunani in the Dolphins class.

We changed so much in our first term, like the Monarch butterflies we learnt about, and in only a few weeks.

In September the newly acquainted Dolphins were sometimes very loud, sometimes defensive of what they thought the teachers would MAKE them do, sometimes hitting out when another child annoyed them … We learnt as a group that we don’t have to shout for our voices to be heard, assembly time is a perfect time to tell everyone about a special experience or show a new toy. We learnt that there is always time to play, indoors or outdoors.

We learnt that if we don’t like what our friends want to play with, we can make choices: walk away, talk about a compromise or ask an adult to help.

We learnt that not everyone who is 6 years old can do the same things, maybe someone knows more about spiders, or can climb higher, or can draw an amazing picture.

We learnt that the younger students might need help to put on their shoes and coats, to tidy books in the library, or to remember the rules of the patio.

We learnt how to teach each other about things we research such as the life of a stag beetle or Sumo wrestling in Japan. We learnt how to teach a 3 year old to climb a tree (and get down again).

We learnt that we have to take care of our own classroom: if we want the toys to be there to play with, we need to keep them clean, tidy and organised.

We learnt that we have a voice in what happens in our class, and can vote democratically, what is the name of the group, what shall we ask the 3 Kings to bring us, what project shall we study?

We learnt to help each other with the norms of the classroom, a gentle reminder of tidying shoes, putting on slippers, clearing away the toy you have finished playing with, it’s not necessary to run to a teacher with accusations of who has done what “wrong”.

We learnt to take on responsibilities, we should lay the table for each other in the dining room, feed Patufet the pony, and pull the weeds out of the vegetable garden.

Above all we are constantly learning, and it is so much fun that very often we don’t even realise we are learning at all …